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March 2009
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In the first segment Ki’a Dragon addresses email, blog comments and state of mind.

In the Second Segment he attempts to use physics to demonstrate the principle that we are all the Children of the Stars.

In the Third Segment Ki’a Dragon talks about Quantum Physics concept of Quantum Entanglement and Spooky Action at a Distance and how it could explain the action of magical working.

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The first segment is a discussion of Zoroastrianism, monotheistic history and the gods and goddess as political beings.

In the second segment Ki’a Dragon goes on a long riff about Guns and Mages…or why every witch should own a shotgun.

In the final segment another installment of Journal to Dragonson, where Ki’a Dragon reads a page out of his Livejournal.

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The first segment is just a expression of happiness after a rather unpleasant long, dark night of the soul and a little of how Ki’a Dragon got back to happy.

In the second segment I discuss the Emotional Vortex Technique that I used to cheer myself up utilizing the Bio-Computer Paradigm that is a subset of the Psychology Paradigm.

In the final segment I introduce what will be a later and much longer segment on the Four Paradigms of Magic.

Extremely overdue show notes coming soon, but I can tell you the music kicks ass.

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The first segment is a general riff on unemployment and frustration with the direction of everything.  Just a mage bitching…not a lot of magical discussion.  This segment is more of an appeal to those who have to help those who have little or none.

In the second segment,  I talk about prosperity magic, unemployment, ethics and a little more frustration.

In the final segment,  I talk about how with changes in the financial system and the climate system communes, collectives and co-ops might be the only way through to a brighter future and a little bit about the recent discussions going on about pagan community.

I apologize ahead of time for the randomness and tangenting that goes on in this episode.  I am in the process of pulling my head together.

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The first segment deals with my chaotic life and a shout out to those who have given me strokes and brightened my day.  I love the emails, folks.

In the second segment,  I make some comments on pagan parenting and discipline.  I am giving an Amen to the most recent Pagan Parents on the Edge episode.

In the final segment,  I talk about coming to terms with some revelations about Eris that have been made quite clear to me recently.

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The first segment deals with three methods for using your MP3 player as a sacred and consecrated magical tool.

The second segment introduces a semi-regular segment called: A Journal to Dragonson.  This particular segment is about Anger, Fear and Honor.

Musical Links
“Cernunnos”, Faith and the Muse – Anwynn Beneath the Waves
“The Street of Red Laterns”,  Tree of Shadows – Pause
“Go Away Godboy”,  S.J. Tucker – Sirens


Anger as a Positive Emotion – Science and Opinion
Carnegie Mellon study on how anger is healthier than fear
Another good article on the same Carnegie Mellon study
10 Ways Angry people change the world


Book Recommendations
Seth: Post-Modern Magick

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